Adriana Madrigal


A passionate creative producer that thrives in storytelling. She manages every project from conception through completion. Adriana over-sees every aspect of production and post production. She is a skilled multi-tasker she runs the set, puts together productions that meet all expectations within budget, to deliver a high-quality product on time. Adriana has over ten years of experience having worked her way through the production ladder. 

She began her career in producing at a commercial production company where she was able to wear multiple hats in order to deliver beyond the client’s expectations. This is where she honed her producer skills and learned all aspects of production from creating reels, signing new directors, writing treatments, presenting new talent to agency creative directors, casting, production, to post production. Her experience allowed her to grow professionally and work at other successful companies where she began to establish her client base. It was then that she decided to go on her own and start Mad-Man Inc.

Gonzalo Guzman


Gonzalo Guzman began editing while he was still a student at the Art Institute of California. While at school he edited national campaigns for the Hispanic Market for brands like Jack In The Box and KFC among others. These accomplishments helped him get signed to a post house right after graduation. 

He soon began editing campaigns for Wells Fargo, Toyota, Jack In The Box, and Pollo Loco. During this time Adriana approached Gonzalo with the idea of Mad-Man. They both were looking to create a collaborative creative studio and founded Mad-Man Inc.